Gaza Remembers – Do You?


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Terror knows no limits and comes in all forms, unofficial and official. We all remember 9/11 and 7/7. For the people living in Gaza on 27/12/2009 was no different.


Dezign Fanatics was so moved by the indiscriminate and disproportionate attack on civilians in the area that they immediately made their services both offline and online available on a pro-bono basis to client Islamic Relief, which happens to be a major NGO in the area. An incredible £3 million was raised in a matter of weeks by the charity.


One year on, Islamic Relief did not look far for a creative agency to drive its campaign to thank donators and provide feedback on how the funds have been distributed, as well highlighti the need for further donation for much needed initiatives to rebuild lives and infrastructure in Gaza.


The Fanatics delivery utilised reportage photography, bold and gritty type, and angled graphic devices to emphasize the disrupted life of ordinary people. The one year on campaign achieved a total of £350,000 in a 4 week period. For more information – visit