Better by Dezign


Dezign Fanatics is proud to announce the arrival of its latest project arrival – C.U.B. (Comfortable Upright Birth). C.U.B. is the brainchild of Birth Sparks owner and former midwife Cass McNamara. Birth Sparks was a winner of £30,000 from the Scottish EDGE fund to develop a new, innovative and patented product for women to use during childbirth, and is located in The (Sir Tom) Hunters Foundation’s facility at the Olympic Business Park in Dundonald, Ayrshire. As a new product innovation it is set to take the maternity and birth stool market by storm. Having won the project through tender against two other creative agencies, due to our ability to demonstrate a better understanding of the innovation and benefits of the product – we are working closely with Birth Sparks on brand development and communication – whilst the prototype is going through tweaks and manufacturing processes are finalised.


Delivery to include Brand identity, strapline, website, packing design, leaflets and info graphics. It’s fair to say we have our hands full.